Equine Art Noire Sessions



Daimler 2008

I fell in love with photographing and creating the dark background images years before I started my business. It took all distractions away and brought focus to the details that enchant us as horse lovers. From a child the eyes have always drawn me in, captivated me. I used to think of them as the ocean, an endless depth of beauty. I saw a part of me and all that I dreamed of becoming reflected in their eyes.





” I have looked into the eyes of many animals. Each time I get a special feeling. A feeling quite different from human eye contact. It is a unique feeling. It touches my heart and affects my soul ” -Anthony Douglas Williams

During my sessions, wether there is 1 or 16, I get to learn a lot about their personalities. I love the many expressions they have, especially the silly ones, and how their individuality shines.grover-8

Then there are the magical moments. McLovin’s mother passed away last year, Jill was someone you’d never forget. She was always full of smiles and funny stories, she had such a warm kind heart. Sara had decided that she would like a session with Mac so she could hang his portrait in her home with her other favorite horse. On the day of his shoot I was taken back by how gorgeous he is. Tall.Dark.Handsome oh yeah and DREAMY. He posed like a super model. Feet firmly planted turning his neck from side to side. It was strange though, just the way he kept turning his head left. It wasn’t till I got home and started culling through the images that I noticed this light reflection in the perfect shape of a heart on the right side of his neck. It wasn’t on allmclovin-raw the images but too many to ignore. I don’t know about you but I’m a firm believer in signs from loved ones passed. So I sent Sara a text with the picture showing her my edited version but also the raw file just so she could see that I didn’t transpose this onto the image. Funny thing is she felt there was something different and that Jill had to have been there ❤ both of us in tears.


The Equine Art Noire Sessions are like a glamour shoot for your horse while creating beautiful and memorable Art for your walls. All my shoots whether it’s a portrait session with human and horse or just horse, they all touch my heart in some way or another. Through my lens I seek emotion, love and connection. This may seem crazy (because really, I don’t normally like to make people cry) but some of the biggest compliments I’m paid is knowing that happy tears were shed when my clients look at their images. I want to not only capture emotion but evoke it as well.

The path of being a Photographer and a business owner is no easy road but at the end of the day my soul is happy. I get to follow my dreams, pursue my passion and touch hearts…Life.Is.Good.

Not to mention I get to smooch, snuggle and love up on some pretty amazing animals ❤

To learn more about Aullmyn Photography and the Equine Art Noire Sessions or to book your session today email me at wendie@aullmyn.com or fill in the contact form below

http://www.aullmynphotography.com   224-430-1490  wendie@aullmyn.com


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